WeChat Account Registration (Service Account/ Subscription Account)

Tap into a huge online marketing opportunity

Social media has been nothing short of a phenomenon in recent years, and has become a key strategy for companies of all sizes from across the globe. From QR codes and product promotions to customer engagement and support, we can help you take advantage of WeChat advertising and marketing in Hong Kong and show you the benefits it can provide to your organization.
With extensive experience and an in-depth understanding of the industry, we offer a range of services to help you win:

  • Enterprise account verification service
  • Enterprise public platform establishment
  • Quality copywriting and content push service*
  • Online advertising
  • Online customer service
  • WeChat fans

Why do you a specialist for WeChat registration?

WeChat accounts can be either a subscription account or a service account. Registering a WeChat service account or WeChat subscription account depends on your business nature and objective. And a Hong Kong WeChat account differs greatly to its Chinese counterpart and that’s why many people are getting trouble in verifying WeChat register. We can help you choose the right account for your China marketing objectives and assist in your registration on both WeChat subscription account & service account.

*Client needs to provide complete image and information, e.g. company update, new product launch, event promotions and related industry information.

How to register WeChat account?

To apply for a WeChat China Official Account, you must either have a legally registered business in China or Hong Kong. Remember do not use other private businesses to vouch for your company and verify your WeChat official account for you because it is not allowed. You cannot hold your account hostage as well and account transfer is not guaranteed. Therefore, find us to provide you the WeChat China official account registration service.

Or you can try to register for your business.

10-Step guide to WeChat service account registration

Step 1: Input Basic Information
Step 2: Verify Email Address
Step 3: Select Account Type
Step 4: Select Account Owner Type
Step 5: Input Business Information
Step 6: Select Verification Type
Step 7: Input Business Owner Information
Step 8: Associate Your Personal WeChat Account with This Official Account
Step 9: Input Account Name & Description
Step 10: Finish

However it is absolutely important that you are very clear on which type of official account you will need for your business before you go to the application page, as they are un-switchable in the future.  Thus, to register a WeChat China official account is a confusion and tough process, especially if you do not yet have a legally registered business in China. Let’s contact us now for one-stop WeChat registration service.

WeChat service account
Service Account is the only WeChat official account type that will show up on your followers’ contact list as if you’re one of their friends. In other words, your followers are only one click away to access your service account, where with subscription account they will have to hit the “Subscripted Official Account” tab first, and then browse into a specific Subscription Account.

It allows you to push 4 pieces of content per month which sounds not many. However, the service account has plenty of feature rich that you need in general. You can use push notification, games, H5 promotions, auto reply follower messages, setup WeChat store, WeChat Pay, video promotions and etc. If you are aiming to brand your business or corporation, we highly recommend you to choose official service account.

WeChat subscription account

For a verified business subscription account, the core different and the most critical attribute is that you are allowed to push 1 piece of content every single day. If you are planning to become a content publisher, KOL or if content is going to be a huge part of your marketing campaign, then WeChat subscription account can be considered.

Differentiation between WeChat service and subscription account

There is actually two subtypes of subscription account. There is a WeChat personal subscription account and a verified business subscription account. To obtain a personal subscription account you do not need a registered business in China, on the other hand, you do need to have a Chinese residence ID.

The key difference and the most important feature of a subscription account is that you are allowed to push 1 piece of content every single day. If you are planning to become a content publisher or if content is going to be a huge part of your marketing strategy then WeChat subscription account will be ideal for you.

If you have any question or would like to know how we can help you make this process faster and easier, simply contact us here and our WeChat specialists will approach you accordingly.

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