Consecutive & simultaneous interpretation service in HK

Communication is important in any aspect of life, and a language barrier should never stop you from getting the information you need. Whether it’s a conference, meeting, phone call, corporate event or interpersonal situations of any other kind, call the team from Pinpointer and never miss a word with our exceptional interpretation service. We have plenty of experience working with clients of all kinds, so you can have full peace of mind when you choose our team. Combined with our copywriting, event planning and other services, we can provide you with an industry-leading solution.


High quality consecutive interpretation when you need it

Pinpointer Solution team is experienced in providing high-caliber conference interpretation service for speakers and delegates at global events, forums, seminars, symposiums and etc. Consecutive interpretation service in HK is widely offered. Premium equipment, visual and audio facilities, portable wireless devices and technical crew are also available for rental upon request.


Accurate simultaneous interpretation in Chinese or English

Want information to be relayed to you on the go? Our expert team can interpret for you at your next event with extreme speed and accuracy, ensuring communication is never an issue. Our service is backed up by extensive industry experience, and we understand what you expect when you need simultaneous interpretation of Chinese or English in HK. If necessary, we can make an interpretation into the target language directly from the spoken source language. From interpretation to press release distribution and everything in between, we are the only team you need to communicate with a worldwide audience. Our specialized professional interpretation service covers any meetings, press conferences, product launch, exhibitions, site visit, city tour, market research which helps you achieve effective communications in any of these occasions.


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