Delivery Service & FAQs

🚚SF Express

  1. Cash on delivery?
    It means cash on delivery. The receiver pays the delivery charge to the carrier directly in picking up the package.  No need to pay to the sender.
  2. How long is the local express delivery time? Other countries?
    1-2 working days, plus 1 working day for door-to-door delivery to the residence. If you set the delivery address at SF Station/SF Center/Smart Cabinet locally, you can pick up the goods faster. Delivery time of other countries depends on their local conditions.
  3. How to pick up?
    For self-collection, SF Express will generally send a message to the recipient after the goods arrives at the self-collection point, and the smart locker only has 2 days for the collection locally.

    For home delivery, SF Express will call the receiver to make an appointment.

  4. Delivery charge reference
  5. Waybill
    The receiver will be notified via email after shipment

Please pay attention to the message and pick up the goods at the designated location once arrived

If you do not receive the waybill message, you can also trace the delivery status on SF Express website by presenting your waybill number

[Waybill Tracking]